Digitank Studios Inc.

Digitank Studios is a video production company based in Manila. We strive to produce original, world-class content with compelling stories and powerful visuals. We value collaboration, and we’re excited to work with the best local and international creatives out there today.

What We Do


We’re a lean, mean, video production machine. Our services include concept development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution.





We love music and shooting live events. We do coverage, produce festival after-movies, and create Same Day Edit videos.


Web Content


From conceptualization to post-production, we can create online content tailor-made for your brand’s online presence.




We make corporate and internal videos more interesting with stellar visuals and storytelling.




Our studio’s roots lie in producing and distributing independent films.


TV Series


We’ve got a number of shows under our belt, from food and travel to beauty and lifestyle.


Motion GFX


Our post-production team offers services in 2D motion graphics, 3D motion graphics, and motion typography.






Who we are

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