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Consumers are constantly looking for good deals. They join membership and loyalty programs as well as sign up with deal sites with the hopes of getting promos and privileges that are relevant to them. Unfortunately, these fall short. Consumers are still not informed and are still disconnected from their favorite brands. They do not know where to go. Merchants on the other hand are constantly trying to find ways to connect with and engage their customers. Deal Sites and Social Media Marketing activities are expensive yet still generic. These activities simply fail in reaching and engaging the right group of customers that lead to sales.

MobKard helps target and reach customers with more precision. It enables the merchant to create relevant, real-time, and location-based promotions specific to the wants and needs of the customer. This is done through MobKard’s internal system that groups customers based on their preferences and habits. Furthermore, MobKard creates a digital profile of customers to allow for more personalized and precise promotional activation that generate sales.


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