Schwarzkopf shaping Filipino lives from root to tip

After visiting other countries in Asia, the Henkel Foundation, carrying its’ Swarzkopf Professional brand, shared this vision through a project called Shaping Futures. This is a six-week training for all ages aspiring to have excellent skills in hairdressing. Different sets of volunteer from Australia gathered to take part in going the extra mile by visiting a small community at SOS Children’s Village Philippines to share the artistry of beautifying the hair.

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After the whole program, an event where friends & families of the trainees were invited to celebrate the success of the new breed of individuals that are ready to take over the world of hairdressing and eventually share it to other people. A showcase of fresh talents and the graduation program was the highlight of the event.

The real success of Shaping Futures is the message of hope that there’s no such thing as a small dream, you can make anything big if you put your heart into it. Their goal is not to make something of yourself, but to do something that can affect the people around you. It’s about paying it forward and keeping the craft of hairdressing meaningful.


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