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PortfolioMNL | No More Starving Artists

In looking for the next generation of technopreneurs, IdeaSpace has given the limelight to a website that promotes Filipino creatives. PortfolioMNL is a web platform that gives breakthroughs for artists to have creative collaborations and commissions from around the world. This allows businesses, skills, and ideas to find a common ground where they can look for the right fit for what they already have. Websites that offer job listings are rampant, but Portfolio MNL stands out with their innovation to put job listings and portfolios in one site that focuses mainly on art.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 1.16.59 PM(on the left) Trina Dela Rama and Rina Malonzo 

What started as a promising idea by two creative innovators, Rina Malonzo and Trina Dela Rama, Portfolio MNL is now  helping Filipino artists to have collaborations with business ventures from different countries and share creative ideas that can produce innovative contents. Just like any other businesses, Portfolio MNL also experienced ups and downs, but their willingness to say no to failures helped them to move forward


Portfolio MNL seeks to “spark innovation” among peers and to build not just a business, but also a community of people from different cultures and traditions. This is a place where you can build your dream creative team and where creativity is honed to fit the global market.


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