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Creativity Meets Opportunity | Introducing Digitank Studios


Most production houses tend to start small during their start-up phases but that wasn’t exactly the case for Digitank Studios. Franco Alido, CEO and founder of Digitank Studios, was about to produce Senior Year (2010) for acclaimed independent film director Jerrold Tarog when he was faced with the task of needing a company name to handle the film’s business aspect. This opportunity would serve as the proverbial light bulb moment that would soon transform Digitank Studios into a concrete idea.

Actors’ blocking with Senior Year Director, Jerold Tarog

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Senior Year shoot at Elizabeth Seton School gymnasium

It was a gamble for everyone involved but as soon as an audience was able to see Senior Year in its entirety, the audience reaction alone was a clear sign that the risk had paid off. Add to that the fact that the film would later win a number of awards and was able to be shown in film festivals around the world.   


Digitank Studios initially started with a team of five

“All I needed was that team at first. So I got some projects from – the smallest one from BSP to Obagi, I sourced it out from my friends, from my contacts. They were the ones who helped me also in distributing the whole projects in cinemas.” says Franco.

This original team also laid the groundwork for what the studio would become, from creating and designing the whole studio up to planning the production system. Things would soon pick up once the company would begin working with Yahoo. Digitank was involved in producing over 100 videos for Yahoo! Philippines and eventually that would evolve into a partnership with Yahoo! Southeast Asia. Digitank Studios would  then become media producers for Y! She Rocks, Y! OMG, Y! Purple Thumb, Y! Beauty Talk, Y! Hot Plate, Y! Pitong Pinoy, and Y! Celebrity Buzz. 

Yahoo Shows Produced by Digitank Studios

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The company would take its 1st step into television production with the cooking and traveling show, Market to Master. Digitank Studios collaborated with the show to help produce Seasons 2 until 4. “One of the projects that I’m really proud of is Market to Master…From having the 2nd season in the kitchen in my house, then traveling around the Philippines for the 3rd season, that was a really great experience…


Behind the Scenes of Market to Master Season 2

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Fishing with Chef Hylton at Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte for Episode 1 Market to Master Season 3


Shooting Episode 1 of Market to Master Season 4

It was a milestone because we were able to produce 3 seasons of quality content. It really broke barriers in terms of cooking shows on that channel” says Franco. Digitank Studios then took another step forward with Bella, a lifestyle program that was catered to women audiences. This proved to be a period of growth for Digitank Studios as the company produced the show on its own and was then aired on the Lifestyle network. 


Bella – Monsoon Episode shoot at Kawayan Cove, Batangas City

With ambitions to continue growing at a pace to keep the company a credible contender, Digitank Studios is currently looking at more collaborations and opportunities to produce high quality content. The company has been branching out to video animation, providing information graphics for Fusion 1st Philippine Music Festival, Globe Telecom, SM Cinemas, Ideaspace Foundation and Muntinlupa City for Good Governance. Digitank Studios has also become an active force in covering high profile events like the HipHop International Philippines National Competition  2015, Wanderland Music Festival 2015, KPOP Best of Best in the Philippines, Metrowear Fashion Icon: Francis Libiran, Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival, URCC, and FUSION, the county’s 1st all OPM concert.


Digitank Studios Reel 2015


The company believes that its edge over other production houses rely on its openness to use non-traditional systems and techniques to get the job done – “ Everything here at Digitank is customized for the people, and at the same time it has a business structure that really adapts to how we really work” as stated by Franco. There is an air of collaboration between everyone in the company that feels genuine. While most production houses tend to concentrate one aspect of production, Digitank Studios specializes in all of its aspects. The company will take care of its collaborators from conceptualization to distribution to ensure that the content produced is the best that it can be.

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                            Digitank Studios Team up with Francis Libiran and Arsi Baltazar for                                 Metrowear Fashion Icon: Francis Libiran TV Special aired on Lifestyle Network


Ever since it was founded in 2010, Digitank Studios has pursued a simple idea with a single-minded focus:  providing high caliber media content for an international market. For 2015, the company will continue what it has always been doing but with the added focus of producing its own original shows and content. This move reveals an incredible amount of ambition for the company whose previous approach was seemingly low key and low profile but this might be the next step for Digitank Studios to take their goals to another level.