S&W avp coverage


S&W Fresh S&W is an international supplier of fresh and canned pineapples. For their sales conferences and expos, the brand was on the lookout for an exciting way to present their products and show the operations behind their world-class pineapples. With the requirements in mind, we created an AVP that would capture the attention of their clientele by leaning towards …

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Elizabeth Seton School 2015 AVP

In celebration of Elizabeth Seton School’s 40th year of academic excellence, Digitank Studios produced an institutional video for both Main and South Campuses of ESS to fulfill its quality of education.

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Think outside the box this Valentine’s Day with Toblerone

It’s never too late to make your loved ones feel special. Think outside the box with the Toblerone origami sleeves!▲#‎LoveToblerone Client: Carat Philippines Inc Production Company: Digitank Studios Product: Toblerone Event: Fusion 1st Philippine Music Festival

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Malunggay Life Oil TVC

Title: Complete your passion Product: Malunggay Life Oil Project: TVC 30’s Client: Manila Nature’s Link Production Company: Digitank Studios Director: Franco Alido Cinematographer: Tey Clamor Production Date: May 2012 100% malunggay oil extract, containing vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, phytochemicals and high levels of live chlorophyll, which is used today for cancer support. Because Life Oil is all-natural and in …

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Thread 365 #Colorpop

Thread 365 launches its #COLORPOP Collection with a photo project with one of the country’s most famous fashion photographers, Mark Nicdao, featuring these awesome personalities: – Katarina Rodriguez – LA Revilla – Dennise Lazaro – Teacher Georcelle – Maggie Wilson – Mike Carandang – Sid Maderazo – Joyce Pring – Patty Laurel – Patrick Filart – Kelly Misa – Riki …

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Instant Joy: Havaianas Origine

All hail to the latest product extension of Havaianas to land our shores! These pairs are the newest innovation from the brand that will let you rediscover its heart and soul, allowing you to wander freely on the grounds of fun, fashion, color and excitement this season. The instant joy that your feet feel from slipping on Havaianas flip-flops is …

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MobKard | Best of Ideaspace

Consumers are constantly looking for good deals. They join membership and loyalty programs as well as sign up with deal sites with the hopes of getting promos and privileges that are relevant to them. Unfortunately, these fall short. Consumers are still not informed and are still disconnected from their favorite brands. They do not know where to go. Merchants on …