In December, 2015, Rafael Nadal paid a visit to the Philippines for a friendly match. During his stay, he hosted a day-long tennis clinic, sponsored by Globe, for a handful of lucky kids, including 4 scholars from National University and a brother-sister duo who’ve represented the Philippines at competitions abroad.

Our task was to create a short documentary for Globe, featuring the 6 kids on the days leading up to #ThatWonderfulMoment of meeting your idol in the flesh and being inspired to keep pushing with your dreams.



Orbik – LED light video with the kramers

Orbik Philippines is an LED lighting brand. In order to encourage consumers to switch to more environmentally friendly and energy efficient LED bulbs such as Orbik LEDs, the brand opted to create a video highlighting the benefits LED bulbs can provide in the home.

We featured Team Kramer in various parts of their home, as Doug explained to Kendra why the family switched to LED lights. In each room, graphics point out the brand’s benefits.



Domex – World Toilet Day

Each year, Domex Philippines observes World Toilet Day through the 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement – an initiative centered on raising awareness about diseases brought by unsanitary toilets, and saving lives along the way.

For 2016, Domex wanted to raise awareness by tying it to the idea that millions of kids miss out on school due to sickness. With this, we sat down with a few kids of local celebrities to talk about what that meant for them.


Decolgen’s In A Flash

Decolgen’s In A Flash | Web Commercial

Together with Publicis JimenezBasic Advertising Agency, we produced Decolgen’s In A Flash Web Commercial with Model Andrew Thrump.


AirAsia’s Valentine Surprise

AirAsia – Let Your Hearts Fly

In 2016, AirAsia released a Valentine’s Day video where the airline dropped roses and gifts to unsuspecting passersby via drone. Keeping in line with this kind of treatment, we were tasked with coming up with a concept that was as engaging and memorable as last year’s, while incorporating the key message that “Love Is In the Air.”

Illuminating Intramuros

Project: Illuminating Intramuros
Client: Citelum
Production House: Digitank Studios Inc
Genre: Short Documentary

A look into the current state of darkness within the historic walls of the Intramuros. A Corporate Social Responsibility by Citelum.

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