Yellow Cab Football Cup

Yellow Cab Football Cup Promotional Video

In 2016, AirAsia released a Valentine’s Day video where the airline dropped roses and gifts to unsuspecting passersby via drone. Keeping in line with this kind of treatment, we were tasked with coming up with a concept that was as engaging and memorable as last year’s, while incorporating the key message that “Love Is In the Air.”




In December, 2015, Rafael Nadal paid a visit to the Philippines for a friendly match. During his stay, he hosted a day-long tennis clinic, sponsored by Globe, for a handful of lucky kids, including 4 scholars from National University and a brother-sister duo who’ve represented the Philippines at competitions abroad.

Our task was to create a short documentary for Globe, featuring the 6 kids on the days leading up to #ThatWonderfulMoment of meeting your idol in the flesh and being inspired to keep pushing with your dreams.



DMK Noche Buena

With Christmas right around the corner, we were commissioned by Del Monte Kitchenomics to create quick and easy recipe videos for new ways to do Noche Buena meals.

With a straightforward recipe video in line with the style of popular online food channels such as Buzzfeed’s Tasty and CookatTV, we created a series that was quick, relevant, and maintained the warm, Christmas-y tone for the season.



DMK Kitchen 101

Del Monte Kitchenomics wanted to target cooking newbies by providing them with a guide on essential kitchen know-how, such as cutting and peeling veggies, cooking the perfect egg, and ensuring food freshness.

Since the goal was to create a clear guide for those new to cooking, we kept everything simple and minimalist to avoid bombarding viewers with too much in terms of info and visuals. To add a little charm and keep viewers engaged, we added a few dashes of graphics here and there, and paired it with a lively score.



Dunlopillo – playlist – mattress for babies

Accompanying the release of a new mattress created specifically to help moms and babies get better sleep at night, Dunlopillo invited celebrity moms to the Ascott in BGC to talk about motherhood.

For this, we produced 3 videos for each mommy, centered on their favorite #DunlopilloMoment with their little one. With soft, intimate visuals of interactions between mommy and baby, we tried to recreate the feeling of that tender moment between mommy and baby.



Adidas NMD

For the launch of the new Adidas NMD line, we collaborated with four of Manila’s most influential fashionistas to tread the city and release their inner nomad as they break in their newest kicks.

An interesting element of the shoot was to deliver the new kicks via drone – something we did for the first time. Striking the balance between capturing the urban city feel, along with maintaining Adidas’ and our influencers’ own personal brands were among the challenges we considered throughout the project.


Yellow Cab Football Cup Promotional Video

Yellow Cab Football Cup is a competition in partnership with KAYA Futbol Club (KAYA FC), which aims to promote football as a sport that inspires good values and camaraderie among participants. The Yellow Cab Football Cup hopes to cultivate and fuel the passion for the game. This does not only form a solid brotherhood among the players, but it also creates a balanced life on and off the football field.

Register now: bit.ly/YCFCRegister
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