Decolgen’s In A Flash

Decolgen’s In A Flash | Web Commercial

Together with Publicis JimenezBasic Advertising Agency, we produced Decolgen’s In A Flash Web Commercial with Model Andrew Thrump.

Hanford’s Fashion Film

Hanford’s Fashion Film with Mikael Daez

Collaborated with #Hanford for their Photo and Video 2017 Campaign and got a chance to work with the awesome Mikael Daez

AirAsia’s Valentines

AirAsia – Let Your Hearts Fly

In 2016, AirAsia released a Valentine’s Day video where the airline dropped roses and gifts to unsuspecting passersby via drone. Keeping in line with this kind of treatment, we were tasked with coming up with a concept that was as engaging and memorable as last year’s, while incorporating the key message that “Love Is In the Air.”


Domex – World Toilet Day

Each year, Domex Philippines observes World Toilet Day through the 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement – an initiative centered on raising awareness about diseases brought by unsanitary toilets, and saving lives along the way.

For 2016, Domex wanted to raise awareness by tying it to the idea that millions of kids miss out on school due to sickness. With this, we sat down with a few kids of local celebrities to talk about what that meant for them.


Dunlopillo – playlist – mattress for babies

Accompanying the release of a new mattress created specifically to help moms and babies get better sleep at night, Dunlopillo invited celebrity moms to the Ascott in BGC to talk about motherhood.

For this, we produced 3 videos for each mommy, centered on their favorite #DunlopilloMoment with their little one. With soft, intimate visuals of interactions between mommy and baby, we tried to recreate the feeling of that tender moment between mommy and baby.


Francis Libiran

In celebration of the awarding of designer of the year by Metro Magazine, Francis Libiran was given a TV special commissioned by the Lifestyle Network. Metrowear Fashion Icon was a TV special that introduced Francis Libiran as a fashion designer, and allowed audiences a look into his inspirations and the life he leads to stay on top of his game. In the end, the special covered a fashion show where Libiran’s latest designs were modeled by celebrities.

Digitank Studios took charge of the conceptualization of the show, as well as the execution, which took around 7 or so days to shoot.

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