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Different formats for

different needs.

With years of experience, we can offer a myriad of solutions
and customize them to the needs of your brand.


Be it in the form of short narratives, lifestyle videos, travelogues, or incisive documentaries, original video content is a key component in the new age of marketing and entertainment.


In an increasingly visual world, 2D & 3D motion graphics and motion typography give video content that extra kick.

The full service, tailor-made
for your brand.


Our core team of storytellers specializes in conceptualization, storyboarding, and scriptwriting.


With a team of talented producers, directors, and cinematographers, we capture the moments and create the scenes that best tell your story.


Through offline and online editing, audio engineering, and motion graphics, our post team works together to assemble and finalize the project.


Founded in 2010, the studio jumped right into the film industry with the film Senior Year. Since then, we’ve made all kinds of leaps – changing platforms, from film to TV to digital; expanding our team, from a modest crew to a full-blown studio; and taking bigger risks, from event coverage gigs to some of the biggest music festivals in the country.

After producing several full feature films such as The Leaving, Senior Year, Mangatyanan and SM Cinema big shot, the tank kept rolling through various digital projects. Upon landing a partnership with Yahoo! Philippines, and eventually, Yahoo! Southeast Asia, Digitank created a digital lifestyle content that would later push us to enter the TV game. With our knowledge and expertise in the genre, we produced two shows for the Life- style Network – cooking and travel show, Market to Master with Chef Hylton Le Roux, and women-centered lifestyle show, Bella.

Shooting these shows inspired a deeper love for travel and culture, which brought us to take on events and music festivals that would take us farther, both in terms of geography and experience. We’ve covered Malasimbo, Paradise IMF, Wanderland, and live concerts by Kanye West, Madonna, Chris Brown, and Coldplay.

Meanwhile, we’ve ramped up our post-production team to accommodate a growing demand for motion graphics and animation, as well as corporate videos.

Though we’ve shifted along with the industry, we feel like we’ve also been taken there by our passions – for creating good experiences and capturing meaningful stories.

In the pursuit of good, solid content, we always believe in going that extra mile. We love what we do, and value every opportunity to keep at it, so expect that we’ll take good care of you, your brand, and your idea.

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